I really enjoyed this experience. Having been to a larger convention with thousands of people participating, I appreciated Launch Showcase’s smaller talent pool. I felt it gave me the opportunity to receive more attention from the attending agents. Thank you!
T. Rial, participant

I was so very, very, very hesitant to attend due to my age.  I’m 60!!  At times I felt awkward due to my age (my perspective, only).  But everyone made me feel so welcome and that I belonged here and they were happy I was here.  So, after the first day, I was great!

The weekend was better than Disney!  So accommodating, sincere and helpful, and SO well organized.  And the AGENCIES!  How amazing to have this opportunity!  So many people thought this would be a scam.  I could tell immediately that this was the real deal.  You are to be commended for your professionalism and incredible patience with everyone.
K. Emer, participant

It was truly a privilege to be a part of Launch. Everything was “a step above”. Well done, professional…. Organized! Launch is an incredible opportunity for young people to learn, break into the business, and show important people their talents. Having agents from all over the world – under one roof – interviewing my daughter was grand! Thank you for making it happen!
M. Bedwell, parent of participant

What a phenomenal experience we had at the Launch Showcase!  We did not know what to expect but it blew our minds and provided a great learning experience.  We would like to pass on our appreciation to Lynn and Jason because if it had not been for you guys, my daughter would never have been at launch.  Furthermore, Steve and Gregory did a fantastic job with hosting.  You could truly feel the genuine love they have for the arts and everyone.  Next, we would like to pass along our appreciation for all the agents supporting the launch showcase.  It was fantastic to see all the experience and mentoring taking place. Finally, our many thanks to the staff who made the Launch Showcase a success. 
K. Daiglel, parent of participant

Words cannot express the feelings that Isabella and I felt after driving home to Iowa from the Launch Showcase event. Thank you to Lynn & Jason for blessing us to be able to come to this amazing opportunity. Thank you Steve for being such a great information resource and fun person for Isabella to ‘dance’ with. 🙂 Thank you to the staff… for answering questions, talking to us about your times as a first-time attendees/or as a parent of a child attending. I never in my wildest dreams knew how big of an opportunity this was for Isabella to be here within such an elite group of fantastic people in the industry.
Launch Showcase truly was everything we expected and so much more!!! The event was such a positive, warm, nuturing and family-friendly environment. Isabella made so many new friends and it was so much fun cheering others on as they pursue their dreams as well. She learned so much through the workshops and was talking about items she wants to grow/improve upon, etc. We will cherish the memories of the June Launch Showcase event forever in our hearts. Now we look forward to seeing what becomes of the call-backs, continue to work hard and follow-through and will graciously accept what comes our way in the future.
Thank you again and GOD BLESS you all!
E. Mulford, parent of participant

This showcase was by far the best we have ever been. We are excited about returning next year. It was very laid back, “family friendly”, and we enjoyed the whole experience. The seminars were great, and the feedback received was encouraging and helpful. Thanks so much for an amazing weekend!
B. Bradford, participant

I was very impressed with the caliber of people across the board – Staff, Scouts, and Talent. This was a great way to learn more about the LA and NY markets, in particular, and to network with people who are already successful in this business. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity. I LOVE the intimate size of this event!
A. Marsalis, participant

Launch was a very informative event. I came here with an idea of how I should pursue my career, and I left with a new idea and vision! Overall, it was a great experience. All of the participants, staff, and scouts were polite, truthful, and upfront.
D. Mintz, participant

I was impressed with the WHOLE event! So much support.  Beautiful people.  So much diversity in all showcases, and so many talents.  I felt very comfortable and it’s really nice to be in this kind of environment.  Loved the workshops and am totally encouraged by seeing / hearing from people who actually work in this industry.
I. Hanson-Tuntland, participant

Launch was awesome! You get to meet so many cool people in such a non-competitive environment; a great weekend overall, I would totally come back!
C. Kingma, participant

We were impressed with Launch on many levels. We loved the ratio of agents to participants. The workshops were extremely informative and helpful. The entire weekend was organized…ran like clock work. This event opened MANY doors for both of my children, thanks for the opportunities!
B. Welsh, parent of participant

Launch changed my life! It showed me that there is a place for me in this industry and gave me hundreds of ways to improve myself. I learned an incredible amount of things and do believe Launch has prepared me for the next step in my career.
J. Morris, participant

I just wanted to Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend Launch Showcase this past weekend.  We had an incredible time!  I was so impressed by how professional and well organized the event was.  Everyone on the staff was so friendly and helpful.  We could tell that they truly wanted everyone there to fulfill their dreams.  Words can’t describe how much knowledge we gained about the industry by attending this event.  Thanks for providing my daughter with this first step to fulfilling her dreams!  And please pass along to all your staff how amazing they were and how much we appreciated all that they did for the participants.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was with everyone on staff from the person that held the door, to the monologue coach, to the speakers.  And of course we can see how much you care about making Launch a success and helping others find success for themselves.  I think it is apparent that I can’t thank you enough for the awesome weekend that we had.
S. Wexler, parent of participant