Launch changed my life! It showed me that there is a place for me in this industry and gave me hundreds of ways to improve myself. I learned an incredible amount of things and do believe Launch has prepared me for the next step in my career.
J. Morris, participant

The weekend was better than Disney!  So accommodating, sincere and helpful, and SO well organized.  And the AGENCIES!  How amazing to have this opportunity!  So many people thought this would be a scam.  I could tell immediately that this was the real deal.  You are to be commended for your professionalism and incredible patience with everyone.
K. Emer, participant

Words cannot express the feelings that Isabella and I felt after driving home to Iowa from the Launch Showcase event.  I never in my wildest dreams knew how big of an opportunity this was for Isabella to be here within such an elite group of fantastic people in the industry.  Now we look forward to seeing what becomes of the call-backs, continue to work hard and follow-through and will graciously accept what comes our way in the future.
Thank you again and GOD BLESS you all!
E. Mulford, parent of participant