model banner for webpage2Launch Showcase is a national association of industry professionals whose goal is to nurture and promote the nation’s best aspiring new talent.

Our organization is made up of two different sides. The first side is comprised of regional agency/school owners who work to educate and nurture aspiring talent in their regional markets. These mother agents strive to place their talent with top agents in major markets. Regional mother agents are not employed by Launch, but rather independent business owners who are members of our network.

Launch Showcase is the place where these professionals and industry leaders come together over a three day weekend to watch North America’s hottest new models, actors, singers and dancers shoot for the stars.

Launch Showcase is incredibly unique!

Launch is kept small so participants, parents, mother agents and casting directors have the opportunity to have one-on-one time with each other. Launch screens its participants, including talent, mother agents and scouts, to ensure only the best are included.

Launch encourages participants to customize the weekend’s schedule of workshops, seminars, and showcases to meet their individual needs. All aspects of the participant’s unique personality, talent and skills are on display during the event.

Launch is extremely interactive. Future stars and industry professionals are allowed to work together during the weekend to maximize their time together during the workshops and seminars. No other showcase event affords its participants to interact directly with major industry players as Launch Showcase does.

Together, we can make it happen!


How is Launch Showcase Different?

A. CONVENTION SIZE: Unlike other events that host between 800 and 2500 participants in one weekend, Launch limits participation to a small group of qualified models, actors, singers and dancers. By keeping the attendance numbers low, participants are able to build relationships with scouts, receive individualized attention in workshops and seminars, and improve their chances of being discovered.

B. INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS: All of the workshops and seminars at Launch are designed to be interactive. Participants are actively involved and actually work on the skills that are necessary to achieve success in the modeling and entertainment fields. Workshops include: Photo Movement Skills, Auditioning for Broadway/Theater, Dance, Improvisation, Runway Technique, Auditioning for commercials, Auditioning for TV and Film, Song Writers and Musician Seminars. Instead of sitting and listening to lectures, at Launch you are up and doing!

C. QUALITY SCREENING: Just as the participants have been carefully screened, the scouts and mother agents have also been screened. Only the best of the best are invited to attend Launch. Each mother agent who brings talent to Launch is the best from their particular market. Likewise, each scout represents the top of their field. There aren’t any “seat fillers” at LaunchLaunch prides itself on its selectivity and on its producers’ ability to attract the very best.

D. CUSTOMIZATION: With Launch you have the flexibility to mix and match the showcases, workshops and seminars of interest to you. By choosing to participate in modeling events exclusively, modeling and acting events, or any combination of acting, singing and dancing events, one can customize the Launch program to help reach your personal goals!